A holistic health, fitness & wellness approach for women for a healthy, active life as they move toward 50 & beyond!

Move Well : Feel Well : Live Well

Just Move It Health & Fitness

Our boutique health studio specialises in women’s health and wellness needs as they move into their 50’s and for the decades beyond!
  • Have more energy – just to get through the day
  • Be able to move properly – pick things up from the floor, do up your shoes.
  • Put on your shorts or jeans without having to be a contortionist.
  • Fit back into your jeans!
  • Be stronger – not get so puffed walking up the stairs, unscrew the lid off a new jar
  • Or do you just want to be a fitter, stronger, more vital and alive version of your old self.

A boutique space that caters to Women's Health & Fitness

We use a holistic approach to health and wellness –  at this stage of life it is more than just exercise or nutrition.  That is why our focus is on more than just training and nutrition – we look at relaxation and recovery techniques and wellness therapies to build a well rounded approach to your health.

Personal Training & Classes

Being able to move well, have energy and be able to meet the demands of your day to day life easily is very important to many of us as we start to get older. Having the strength and stamina to do so makes a huge difference to our quality of life. Our programs are focused on training to ensure that you are strong, mobile and fit (and can also drop a bit of weight). Training smart means that you minimise injury, maximise your training and recover well so you are energised to go about your day. 

Nutrition & Meal Plans

Food plays an important role in how we function within our day to day lives. Many of us have been through the restrictive diets that don’t (or can’t) last or are just plain difficult to stick to. Our recognised nutritionist can support you to change your habits and provide you with nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals. This is personalised for you – some people work best with a set meal plan, others like a looser plan where they have more choice and others just need guidance. So how can we help you?

Massage & Wellness

Life as we know has changed in the past fifty years. Life is faster paced, we have no down time (due to technology) and very little time to spend on ourselves. Stress is a major factor in disease. And as we age, we want to live a healthier life. What was once a luxury is now an important part of our health care as we focus on our ability to move and function well. So make time to book in and enjoy a therapeutic hot and cold stone massage, a pamper session an Emmett treatment or relax with a beautiful Reiki treatment,

Health & Wellness Coaching

Do you want to find a way forward for long-term, lifestyle change that you have control over each step of the way? Then coaching may be for you. Coaching provides emotional support, helps you build your knowledge so you can make the best choices toward changing your life for good. All too often you get told – lose 10kgs – but Nobody helps you find the right solution for you, so what is next? Work with us to find the right solution for you. We offer a range of services and have our own financial wellness coach.

Easy as 1..... 2...... 3.......

How to Get Started With Us

Get Started
Feel the Change
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we get it - making changes to your health and fitness can be hard and confusing!

We have been doing this a long time and have helped many women. Our specialty is in functional training and women's health. NOW is the perfect opportunity for you to make changes that will help you be active, healthy, strong and independent for the years to come.

We do this in a small, welcoming, non-judgemental studio where you receive a tonne of support and care.

Are you ready to make the change?

We have been doing this for a long time and have helped many women.  And we have trained specifically to help women find an easier, long-term approach t their health, fitness and wellness.  NOW is the perfect opportunity for you to make those changes that will help you be active, healthy, strong and independent for the years to come.  All in a SMALL, WELCOMING, NON-JUDGEMENTAL studio with a tone of support

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