Menopause Symptoms Quiz

Menopause Symptoms Quiz

Symptoms of menopause are many and varied and may also present in ways that we may not think that it is the cause behind these symptoms. Also, no two women may experience menopause the same. Every female will experience at least one symptom of menopause, but many will experience three or more.

It is also important to note, that while we take some symptoms for granted - that they are "just menopause", some symptoms may be easily treatable if you just discuss them with the doctor, and it can make life more comfortable for you.

Symptom charts are currently probably the simplest, easiest and most accurate way that the doctor can recognise if you are in peri or post menopause, as hormone tests only show what your hormone levels were on a given day and time. With that in mind, it is very important to discuss symptoms with your doctor if you are experiencing anything "unnormal". For some of us, particularly if we are private people, it is difficult to approach this subject with out doctors. So below is a symptom questionnaire that you can complete, print and take to the doctor with you.This questionnaire is based on a questionnaire from the medical society in the US and after reviewing symptoms charts from the US, UK and Aus, I felt this was the most comprehensive.

So complete the questionnaire, hit the [Submit] button, scroll down the page and you will see a [Print] button. Click the [Print] button to print your results and take them along with you to your next medical appointment. Make sure you print it though or you will have to come back and complete it again as we do not store any information from this form.

Have you been experiencing irregular periods?

Has it been 12 months since your last period?

Does your heart beat quick or strong?

How often do you feel tense or nervous?

How often do you experience difficulty in sleeping?

How often do you experience memory problems?

How often do you experience anxiety or panic?

Do you find it difficult to concentrate?

Do you often feel tired or lack energy?

How often do you feel a loss of interest in life?

Do you often feel unhappy or depressed for no reason?

How often do you experience crying spells?

How often do you feel dizzy or faint?

Do you experience Tinnitus?

How often do you experience headaches or migraines?

Do you experience muscle or joint pain?

Do you experience pins and needles in any part of the body?

Do you experience hot flushes or excessive sweating?

Have you experienced a loss of libido?

Do you experience pain during intercourse?

Do you experience bleeding during intercourse?

Do you experience symptoms of vaginal dryness or itching?

Do you have an abnormal vaginal discharge?

Have you noticed an unusual smell originating from the vagina?

Do you need to urinate more regularly or feel like you are not emptying your bladder fully?

Do you experience urine leakage?

Do you feel pain or bleeding when urinating?

Do you have difficulty in controlling gas, stools, or urine?

Does your stomach feel bloated or heavy?

Are you experiencing unexplained weight gain?

Do you experience breast tenderness?