Not being able to sleep is one of the biggest complaints from women over 50!

Can’t Sleep? This is one of the biggest complaints from women over 50


Sometimes with lack of sleep it is impossible to fight the fatigue! Being a woman over 50 can make it so much worse!

It is impossible to fight the fatigue sometimes!

Are you struggling to sleep at night? This is the number 1 complaint women over 50 have. Maybe it is that glass of wine or playing on your phone that could be at fault. No? If you have tried all the bedtime routine options, no tech in the bedroom, no glass of wine at night, no coffee after lunch and still struggling to sleep, try this.

Get up at sunrise and spend at least 10 minutes in the early morning light. Yep that’s it – not too difficult really. I can hear all you night owls complaining but it will help. Studies have shown that this helps our bodies to fall in line with our normal sleep patterns.

It is also known that we sleep seasonally – meaning we naturally can expect to sleep an extra hour during the winter months. That is we sleep longer during the shorter days naturally.

That’s right. That early morning light helps with the regulation of hormones such as melatonin and cortisol and also serotonin production (which makes us happier 😃)

Why does sleep matter? Apart from the fact that we can’t physically function optimally while fatigued, neither can our brains and if you are a little older than it is even more critical.

It is understood that adequate sleep can assist us by supporting a strong immune system and supports good cardiovascular health.

This one little habit and the effects it has on our bodies has also been shown to support weight loss. The studies are still continuing but all evidence to date shows that spending some time in the morning sun has a multitude of benefits – first of all – aiding in falling asleep.

Sleep is one of our biggest priorities in our programs. More so probably because of the age group I mainly train. So, I encourage you to get up a bit earlier and try this for yourself. It may change your outlook for sleeping in! And you may reap other benefit from it as well.

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