Calorie & Kilojoule Requirements Calculator

What is your activity level?

Sedentary: You get minimal or no exercise.
Lightly active: You exercise lightly one to three days a week.
Moderately active: You exercise moderately three to five days a week
Very active: You engage in hard exercise six to seven days a week.
Extra active: You engage in very hard exercise six to seven days a week or have a physical job.

The calories calculated are your maintenance calories - that is how many calories you need to maintain your existing weight. This maybe within 100 calories or 419 kjoules either side of what your body actually needs as we all are a little different.

To set yourself up for a healthy weightloss of .5 to 1kg per week, subtract between 100 and 500 calories or 500 - 2000kjoules. To ensure you get the nourishment you need, please do not take your caloric intake below 1300.