90 Day onboarding Process

EMAIL 1: Welcome to Fitrev!

Dear $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Congratulations on your decision to enhance the quality of your life by joining us at Fitness Revelation.

Our commitment to you is simple: to help you achieve your goals. We aim to achieve this through delivering a complete and personalized approach to health and fitness in a safe and relaxed environment.

We are here to provide you with a safe, supportive environment so you are guaranteed to succeed. We understand you will obviously have many initial questions, and we are only too happy to answer every one of them.

Please take the time to read through our New Members Guide & PT Cancellation Policy (click buttons below) to properly understand the format of Fitness Revelation, and the many benefits of being a member of the studio.

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Also as part of your membership with us, you have FULL ACCESS to our Member Resource Platform!
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We look forward to working with you in the future and helping you achieve great success.

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Best Regards,

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EMAIL 2: Let’s get started!

Hi $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

First of all, we are thrilled to be working with you and to be a part of your journey towards reaching your health and fitness goals!

Over the next 12 weeks, we will be sending you a series of emails to help explain how we do things here at Fitness Revelation, and share the secrets to what has worked for our clients for the past 17 years here in our Studio, so that you too can get the best results possible on YOUR fitness journey!

If you ever have any questions on anything we share, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help!

To kick off the 12-week series, I want to talk a little bit about food journaling.

Writing down what you eat during the day will give you a more precise picture of what your daily eating routine looks like. And that is a great first step!

You don’t have to journal for the rest of your life, but doing it for at least the first few weeks will help you pinpoint a few slight changes that could add up to BIG results!

When you gain insight into what you’re really eating during the day, you’ll be able to have more control over your habits.

The easiest way to track and record what you consume is to set up a journal where you will keep notes on what you eat and drink, and other information like the date and time, your mood, the location and, of course, the quantity.

If you’d rather write things down by hand, you can use a good old-fashioned paper journal. All you need is a simple notebook!

If you prefer a ‘done for you’ diary, we have a great downloadable resource you can get here that is very detailed and is a reliable source for keeping track of your habits.

Remember that what and how much you eat has a big effect on your health.

Keeping a detailed journal of what you eat goes far beyond just recording your food choices. It also allows you to track how you FEEL after you eat certain foods, so you can start to tune in to your body and your digestive system.

Only accurate lists will be helpful, so no cheating!

Without criticizing yourself, write down EVERYTHING you consume. That includes snacks and drinks, even those 3 M&M’s you grabbed from the desk at work.

If you write things down on paper, please make sure you are being as specific as possible.

Also, try describing how you feel after your meals… this will give you some incredible insight!

THIS week, I would like you to be mindful of your actions and everything you’re eating.

I challenge you to keep a food journal for the ENTIRE WEEK!

Remember: this is a judgment-free zone! We’re here to help you become the BEST version of yourself possible!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 3: $[FNAME|Customer]$, It’s all about water!

Hello there $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Can you believe it’s already your second week at Fitrev?!

Hopefully, after a full week of workouts and focusing on your nutrition, you are feeling a renewed sense of energy!

Your body is releasing toxins, your muscles are feeling active and happy, and your body is feeling LOVED!

Now that you’ve spent a week journaling your food, it’s time to build on that and start focusing on another building block of great health … WATER!

Just by drinking the right amount of water, you’ll begin to notice positive changes in the way your body behaves, looks, and feels.

The truth is, none of our body’s systems will function properly if we do not take in the proper amount of water during the day.

Water will help you flush out all the toxins and unwanted bacteria from your body.

But how much water should you drink?

The Australian guidelines suggest drinking about 2-3L per day. This includes other liquids though, like tea, coffee and milk too.

(Keep in mind that the water you drink WHILE you’re working out does not count towards your total – that’s just a bonus!)

Here’s why it’s so important…

Up to 60% of our bodies are composed of water.

Have you noticed when you’re drinking plenty of water, you look and feel better?

Well, hydration improves the colour and texture of your skin by helping it build new cells constantly.

It also helps you regulate body temperature through sweating.

Not only that, when you’re drinking the right amount of water, you’ll notice you’re not as hungry!

Many times, when we think we need food, we really just need a glass of water to bring our body into balance.

But if you’re also looking to lose a few kilos, then staying hydrated is an excellent appetite suppressant.

Oh, and one last thing … most people say that after only a few days of consuming water properly, they feel lighter on their feet!

This makes perfect sense because water makes up about 75% of our muscle tissue, so when you’re hydrated, you can notice a difference in your movement right away.

This week, let’s continue building a solid foundation by focusing on drinking more WATER!

Flavour it with cucumber, lemon, lime, or whatever makes you happy (as long as it’s found in the produce aisle and doesn’t come out of a bottle!).

As always, if you have any questions or need anything, just let us know. Keep up the amazing work!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 4: The Power of Protein!

Hello $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Woohoo Week 3!! Can you believe it!? Take a minute and reflect on the past couple of weeks to see how far you’ve come!

Way too often we’re so focused on our future goals and where we’re headed, that we forget to be proud of ourselves for taking the first step, for showing up, for giving our best, and for committing to making a real change in our lives!

During week 1, you focused on food journaling to become more aware of what you eat and how you feel throughout the day.

Last week you focused on drinking the right amount of water.

I want you to CONTINUE building upon your new healthy habits, and add one MORE into the mix …


Protein is called the building block of life. Why? Because it’s in every cell of your body and it wouldn’t be possible for your body to repair cells, let alone grow new ones, without it.

Besides repairing tissue, protein is an important component of your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Even your hair and nails are mostly made of protein!

Proteins create enzymes, hormones, and other fancy body chemicals, and you need to give your body a consistent supply.

The trick is, unlike fats and carbohydrates, your body does not store protein.

This means you need to eat it on a regular basis to stay healthy and maintain your lean muscle mass.

Look for sources of high-quality protein, like: grass-fed and free-range meats, wild fish, beans, seeds, and whole grains.

Beans contain more protein than any other vegetable source. Plus, they are loaded with fibre which helps you stay full for hours.

So this week, I’d really like you to focus on eating high-quality protein! In fact, in at least 80% of your meals this week, make sure you’re including some kind of protein.

To keep it easy, you’re looking at about a palm’s worth of protein at every meal.

Here’s a great article from Dr. Axe if you’d like to learn more: https://draxe.com/protein-foods

Are you up for the challenge this week? Reply to this email and let us know!

If you have any questions, reach out any time. Keep up the amazing job!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 5: $[FNAME|Customer]$, a Special Offer For You!


Dear $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Our mission as a Private Fitness Studio is to provide you with a variety of services whilst exceeding your expectations in their delivery.

In keeping with that objective, today we want to offer you a special deal for your friends and loved ones so they too can experience the Fitness Revelation difference

So, if you know anyone who is serious about changing their lifestyle for the better, here is a deal not to be missed!


I KNOW, that’s a saving of over 70%!! CRAZY!!

If you can think of someone special to claim this deal, please send them here so we can get them started ASAP.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can bring them along to your next session and have them join in!

We can then get them started after that on the offer above

If filling out the online form, make sure they mention they were referred by you (there is a section for that in the form) so that we can organize your special thank you gift as soon as they sign up to one of our ongoing memberships!

We look forward to potentially assisting your friends and family in the near future!

**Please note: although we WOULD like to help everyone with their health and fitness goals, we are limited with space and appointment times, so we are limiting this offer to 1 per Fitrev member. This offer is also only for people who you think are REALLY SERIOUS about getting started, OR who you think REALLY NEED US. Our online programs and other services can cater for many more, however our PT and Group Training is limited.

Best Regards,

EMAIL 6: The Truth About Carbs

Good Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Week 4!!!

After spending time food journaling, drinking more water, and eating protein, you should be feeling AMAZING right about now!

Let’s keep up the momentum and talk about everybody’s favourite nutrition topic: carbohydrates.

Carbs get a bad rap because most people are getting it COMPLETELY WRONG!

Carbs are one of the most important, basic food groups. In fact, carbs are your body’s favourite fuel source, which means you need them to help your body function optimally.

Carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen so it’s not a surprise they provide fuel for your brain, influence your mood and memories, and create energy for working muscles.

The confusion around carbs stems from the fact there are “good carbs” and “bad carbs.”

The carbs found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes are complex carbs. These are good for your health since they won’t raise your blood sugar quickly and are packed with nutrients and fibre.

But the carbs found in pastries, soft drink, highly processed food, white rice, white bread and other white-flour foods are simple carbs. These don’t have any nutritional value, can cause rapid blood sugar fluctuations, and can lead to excess weight gain.

I am sure that on an intuitive level you already know this. I am also sure that between an apple and a doughnut, you know that an apple would be a better and healthier choice!

Well I have GREAT news for you!

It’s all about MODERATION.

We’re all about creating a positive and healthy lifestyle that you can stick with for LIFE.

Fad diets and deprivation never work in the long term – and they never will.

So that’s exactly why THIS week, your challenge is to focus on eating more of the healthier carbs and less of the processed ones.

And – you guessed it! – I have a suggestion to help you make this happen. Since you’ve got 3 meals a day x 7 days this week, you’ve got 21 total meals, right?

How about out of this week’s 21 meals, you treat yourself during two or three of them.

That’s about 10-15% “treat meals” where you don’t worry about “good” vs. “bad” carbs.

Because these treats are planned ahead of time, there’s no need to feel guilty about them because you’re “budgeting” them into your diet!

As for the other meals of the day, focus on eating the colours of the rainbow. Each meal, I want you to aim for eating at least 1 vegetable (potatoes don’t count!)

Are you up for the challenge? Shoot us a quick email back to let us know if you’re committing, or tell your trainer at your session this week 🙂

(Don’t forget to continue to stay focused on everything you’ve learned so far with the food journaling, water, and protein!)

Have a great day!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 6: Fats: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Hello $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

You’ve officially completed your first month. Congrats!!!!

Take a quick sec to pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished!

It’s not something you should take lightly. You’re actively committed to improving your body and mind, and that is the MOST important thing in the world.

You’ve learned a lot over the past few weeks.

Today, it’s time to talk about F-A-T!
If there was a nutrient that gets more than its fair share of the blame for health problems throughout history, the award would go to fat.

Sometimes we imagine fat molecules as tiny, shapeless, cartoonish creatures, running through our bodies, building our hormones, protecting our brains, and keeping us warm during winter days.
And the entire time they are working hard for us, they feel sad and grumpy because no one seems to appreciate them.

We hear it all the time: fat is BAD for you!

“Drink skim milk instead of whole.” “Get fat-free yogurt instead of full-fat.” “Have an egg white omelet and get rid of the yolks!” “Trim the fat off your meat and remove the skin before you eat it!”

The sad truth is that while well-meaning, those recommendations are actually off the mark.

Fat is one of the three macronutrients (the other two are protein and carbohydrates) your body needs to be healthy! And that means it’s one of the three main ways the body obtains energy and calories.

The situation is pretty much the same as with protein and carbs. You need them, and the only thing you really have to know is which fats are healthy for you.

Fats can be divided into three types: unsaturated, saturated and trans fats.

Unsaturated Fats: are usually found in fish, nuts, oils like olive oil, avocado, and nuts and seeds. At room temperature unsaturated fats are liquid, not solid.

Saturated Fats: are commonly found in animal products, such as meat and dairy. Coconut oil is another great example! They are solid at room temperature – like cooled bacon grease.

Trans Fats: are man-made and were designed to lengthen shelf life of processed foods. They are semi-solid at room temperature and are usually found in fried and/or processed foods, spreads and baked goods. They are VERY unhealthy.

Trans fats are harmful for your body and are proven to increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Not good for anyone.

BUT … it’s important to understand that eating fat does not make us fat.

If you’re looking for the shady criminal to blame, look no further than the processed carbs, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) that finds its way into almost everything we eat.

It’s definitely important to not overeat healthy fats, as too much of anything will have an impact on your waistline.

Healthy fats should be a part of your regular diet, and they are never something you should be afraid of eating.

This week, your focus is to make sure you’re eating HEALTHY fats throughout the week!

This comes in the form of eating cold water fish (like salmon), cooking with coconut oil, adding olives or avocado to your salad, snacking on raw nuts and seeds, and even supplementing with omega 3’s if you’re not getting enough fat in your diet (definitely check with your doctor or pharmacist before trying supplements)!

Make sure to check the serving sizes on your fats because it’s easy to overdo it! If you’re using an online food journal, check there, and if you’re not, do a quick Google search to put your mind at ease.

Are you up for the challenge this week? Your brain and body will thank you.

Let us know if you have any questions or need help!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 6: Sleeping your way to Success

Hi $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Did you know that humans are the only mammals who willingly delay sleep?

Even though it’s an incredibly important part of our day and key to living a healthy lifestyle, we seem to take sleeping for granted.

People don’t say ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing! Banishing those under-eye circles is just a tiny part of what sleep can do. It’s the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth.

Sleep is the ‘time-out’ your body needs after a day full of activities, so that your mind and body can rest and recharge.

Studies show that sleep improves memory. Your brain appears to reorganize, restructure, and even practice important skills while you are sleeping. All of that may result in more creativity, better performance and even having “Eureka!” moments when you wake up.

How cool is that?

Plus, when you’re rested, you can focus and concentrate more effectively.

Sleep can also reduce levels of stress.

All of that makes sleep JUST AS IMPORTANT as exercising and eating a healthy diet.

This week, I’d like you to focus on making sure that you’re getting enough SLEEP – at LEAST 7 hours per night.

There are many simple steps you can take to achieve that goal.
One of them is simply setting a bedtime! Make sure to hold yourself accountable – and don’t make any excuses.

Turning off the TV, computer, and phone about an hour before bed will help you get more restful sleep.

Also, try practicing a relaxing bedtime ritual. Take a few moments before going to bed to relax, meditate or stretch.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your sleep environment.

The space where you sleep should be quiet, dark, cool, and without distraction. It should also be comfortable, so make sure your pillows and mattress are supportive and cozy.

Now go and get those ZZzzz’s!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 7: Can You Help?

Dear $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

I’d just like to send out a big thank you for your support of our Fitness Studio. It’s great to have you as part of our family, and I’m sure you’ve already started developing some excellent healthy habits for life.

We are now in our 17th year of operation and for any independent business, this is no small feat. We are really excited to be serving the local community for so long and we obviously want to be around here for many more years to come.

And on that note, today, to help us in our mission, I would love you to share your experience with us to the local community!

You never know, it may inspire someone like you, to get going and make a change towards a healthier & more active lifestyle ​

To assist with this process, we’ve made it REALLY easy.

You can either leave us a GOOGLE REVIEW and/or a FACEBOOK REVIEW


Facebook: CLICK HERE

I’m asking you to please give us your best review possible (it doesn’t have to be long, just true!)

We REALLY appreciate your support and look forward to assisting with your continued success at the Studio.

Much love,

EMAIL 8: Supplements: Are they really necessary?

Good Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Do you realise that you’ve completed a full 6 weeks with us here at Fitness Revelation?!

I hope that you’ve learned a lot over the past month and a half. One of our goals is to educate our clients so that you can spread the word about how to live a healthy lifestyle to your family and friends!

Today, I want to talk to you a little about supplements.

They definitely are NOT magic pills and powders that will improve your health in a heartbeat.

Supplements are simply intended to do just that – SUPPLEMENT your diet.

But are they really necessary?

In our imperfect modern world, more often than not the answer to that question is “YES.”

Hundreds of years ago (even just 100 years ago!), our farmlands contained richer soil that helped give the foods grown in them more nutrients. That meant the foods our ancestors ate contained more micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.).

And it also means that now, even when we do our best to eat a whole foods diet, we aren’t getting all those micronutrients.

Not only that, but nowadays we are under different stresses and often eat on the run.

We also don’t get enough sleep and many of us barely chew our food. All of that can lead to poor digestion, which makes it difficult for our bodies to extract all of the nutrients it needs from our food.

Which leads us to supplements. You’ll see them being sold for everything under the sun – and a lot of them are a complete WASTE of money.

We’re here to eliminate all of the confusion for you.

At your next training session, be sure to talk to your trainer about what supplements might be best suited for you and your individual situation.

For some quick answers though, hop over to our Member’s Only Area of our website and pop in the password: Fitrev2004


Best Regards,

EMAIL 9: Tim’s Tips to Success

Good Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Confucius said: “He who says he can, and he who says he can’t are both usually right.”

Either way, it is a great saying! It inspired me to write to you this week and remind you how important MINDSET is, and how it can impact you in a BIG way when you’re trying to accomplish your goals.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey. It’s not something that happens overnight. It takes patience, practice and persistence.

Here are a couple of tips to help you keep your mindset STRONG and focused on what you really want in your life:

1. It is important to set yourself up for success by setting realistic expectations. Set yourself up for success by expecting great things of yourself – within the bounds of reality!

For example, trying to cram 28 hours worth of activity into a 24-hour day isn’t realistic!

2. Remember that change requires TIME. If your goal is so big that it feels overwhelming, what can you do? Break. It. Down.

In other words: set smaller, less intimidating goals, and you will reach that finish line sooner than you think.

3. Find a partner in crime! Many studies show that when you team up with a friend or family member, you’ll be more motivated and more accountable to reach your goals.

Is there anything better than having fun while you work out with a friend? Or to have someone push you further and make you feel that competitive rush to do more and work harder?

If you have a friend in mind and would like them to join you in your training session this month, bring them along! It may just be the motivation they need to get started 🙂

4. No Excuses. If you’re in a time crunch and only have 15 minutes of time left instead of the hour you had planned, GET IT DONE! Let me tell you: a lot can be done in 15 minutes!

Don’t make any excuses and do what you can do in the time you have.

5. Accept yourself the way you are and where you are. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just compare yourself to the person you were YESTERDAY!

Take pride in knowing that you’ve committed to taking your life to the next level, and are taking steps every day to get there!

Reflect on your past decisions. Let them be lessons, never mistakes.

6. Focus on what you can change! Amazing things will happen when you stop worrying about things you can’t control – and, in turn, take control over those things you can.

#7. Above all, stay positive and surround yourself with people who spread great vibes only.

Have a great week!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 10: Are you out of balance?

Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

How are you feeling today?! Have you noticed some big changes in your body and in your energy levels since you first started?

I certainly hope so!

Today, I want to talk to you about something that many of us struggle with: BALANCE!

Not necessarily physical balance … but a balanced life.

If you juggle a career, family, eating a healthy diet, exercise, and a social life … balance is the only solution.

To be balanced means that you’re able to manage various elements of your life without feeling like you are struggling.

Easier said than done, right?

There are two basic categories when it comes to balancing: internal and external. Most people have difficulties with either one or the other.

Either they are being too self-reflective which causes them to miss out on life experiences …

Or they’re focused too much on external things, such as work, relationships and other activities, so they pay little attention to what’s actually going on inside them, and how they feel.

Now, I know you’re leading a very busy life, but take a few moments this week and check in with yourself to see how “balanced” you feel.

When you’re balanced, you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, focused, and motivated.

When you are unbalanced, you feel restless and uneasy.

Small things like waiting in line or folding laundry can become overwhelming.

You get low on patience with your family or those close to you. You become reactive and start noticing you feel more anxious and stressed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of that feeling?

There are a few steps you can take to restore balance.

As always, you need to start by identifying the things that knock you OUT of balance.

If you already know what they are, what can you do to change them? Have you tried something in the past? Did it work? If not, you need a new strategy.

Decide what is really important to you. Maybe you’re struggling to find time for yourself. “Finding time” is a myth. We never find it … we need to MAKE it. What time can you block off this week for something important to you?

Practice self-care and self-love. Pack a bottle of water and go for a walk or meditate. Maybe book in an extra training sessions or class at Fitrev! Even a few minutes of intentional downtime each day will make a huge difference.

Speak to yourself like you would a friend. Pay close attention to the words running through your head during the day. Once you start paying attention, it’s incredible how many negative things you’ll find you tell yourself all day.

ONLY say things to yourself that you’d say to a close friend who you love and care about!

Practice planning ahead. Organizing your calendar makes ALL the difference. Make sure you have enough “buffer” time to get it all done.

Intentionally schedule in your down time, family time, workouts, and meal prep time to set yourself up for success!

Find your passion! What fuels and fulfills you?

If you’re one of those people who think you are not meant to find your “calling,” you’re wrong. The reality is that anything can be a passion – and everyone has them! Keep your eyes wide open!

If you already know, AMAZING. Do more of that to fuel the happiness in your life.

Be more aware of your surroundings. What’s happening, what’s missing, what can you do to help other people? Sometimes helping others is the best way to help ourselves.

It will make you feel more grounded, modest, and connected.

Most importantly, define your own balance.

Living up to other people’s expectations and comparing yourself to others can be a source of deep anxiety.

What works for some people will not necessarily work for you. One of the most important things you’ll ever do is define what you want YOUR life to look like, and what your idea of “balance” is.

This week, take a few minutes each day to connect and check-in with yourself. Find your inner balance and actively work towards achieving it!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 11: $[FNAME|Customer]$ Need discounted fitness equipment?

Good Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!


Last year during the COVID lockdown, while the Studio was closed, we rented out our Studio equipment and even organised some BRAND NEW equipment for those who wanted to workout at home.

This was so well received that we have made some connections with equipment suppliers to get some great prices on BRAND NEW Fitness Equipment for our clients for a great price!

If you are interested in obtaining NEW equipment for your home or office, please contact us by clicking on the button below and we can assist you with your desired purchase. See some examples of what’s available from our suppliers…

Individual Items include:

TRX Suspension equipment
Slam Balls
Wall Balls
Medicine Balls
Boxing gear
Skipping Ropes
Weight vests
Battle Ropes
Foam Rollers
Resistance Bands
Pilates Balls
Stretch mats…and more!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 12: Quick breakfast ideas

Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Okay, what is green, delicious, and super easy to prepare?

Green smoothies, obviously!

They are one of the best grab-and-go meal inventions since … well, almost everything!

Smoothies offer countless health benefits, and you can include pretty much any leafy vegetable you enjoy or have on-hand.

Smoothies can be made out of spinach, lettuce, kale, collard greens, parsley, watercress and a long list of others!

You can also add some fruits like avocado, mango, bananas, apples, pears to make them sweeter.

As you can imagine, combinations are endless.

Now let me tell you why you should drink them on a regular basis.

Smoothies are like jumper cables for your body! They give you an infusion of nutrients and will boost your energy in a matter of minutes.

Drinking smoothies also means eating a lot of vegetables without even realizing it. Most people love fruit and eat some during the day, but veggies, not so much.

There is also one more reason… and you may have figured it out if you have children or nephews and nieces!

Those tiny humans are really hard to persuade to eat vegetables! But if you sneak them into smoothies with a little extra fruit, I doubt they will ever refuse.

Smoothies are very simple and easy to make, since you only need a blender.

They’ll provide you with many of the vitamins and nutrients you need, like vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium and more.

And because of their high content of vegetables, green smoothies have a balanced sugar content, which will help give you lasting energy for hours.

Want a few great recipes to start with?

Check out this site for a ton of cool ideas: http://simplegreensmoothies.com/recipes

How about this…. this week, aim for at least three green smoothies.

Are you game!? Email us back and let us know!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 13: Time for a cupboard cleanout!

Hi $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Time to switch it up today!

Have you checked to see what’s in your pantry lately?!

If you haven’t … it’s time for a little “spring cleaning” in your kitchen! Some people are reluctant to swap out their pantry staples in place of some new ones…

But I promise it’s not going to be hard, and your body will thank you for it!

If unhealthy food and beverage choices aren’t there, you won’t eat them. Simple as that.

I’m going to walk you through the whole thing. Let’s get started.

Raiding Your Pantry:
On the surface, it may seem like a waste of money to discard foods you haven’t eaten. You can either donate the food to a local homeless charity (if unopened), or you can toss it. But whatever you decide- get it OUT of the house.

Pretzels & chips
Commercial salad dressings
Cakes and baked goods
High fat cheese
White rice
Soft Drink (regular and sugar-free)
Vegetable oil
Chocolate chips
Bread crumbs
Table salt
Processed peanut butter
Replace with:
Air-popped popcorn without butter
Salsa, guacamole, mustard
Fresh vegetables, fruit and dried fruit
Greek yogurt and hummus
Green tea, filtered water
Coconut oil
Coconut flour
Cacao nibs
Chia seeds
Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt
Almond butter
Raiding Your Refrigerator:
Now, apply the same approach to the contents of your refrigerator and freezer.

Mayonnaise & Sour cream
Iceberg lettuce
Ranch dressing
Sports drinks
Replace with:
Greek yogurt
Romaine lettuce
Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
Coconut water
Almond or other nut milks
You can also add some new food choices and learn recipes that are healthier for your family. Some great choices include:
Raw, unsalted nuts
Goji berries
Grape seed oil
Sodium-free spices
Raw honey
Lemon juice
Variety of fresh herbs
Herbal coffee, chamomile tea & green tea
Put healthy foods and items you often consume in easy-to-see places.

If you happen to have problems determining which foods are good or not by reading the labels, you can use smartphone apps, such as Foodswitch to help you.

Are you up for a pantry raid this week…. and continuing it going forward? At least once a week, quickly scan your pantry to help keep yourself on track.

Remember… If you keep good food in your fridge, you will only eat good food

Committed? Reply and let us know! Be sure to snap a pic of your pantry and fridge and send it our way so we can celebrate with you!

Best Regards,

EMAIL 14: Stretch your way to success

Good Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

Today, I want to add one more topic to the mix and talk to you about STRETCHING!

You might not be a huge fan of cats, but let me tell you about one thing cats do that makes them such flexible, mobile, and super elegant strollers …

They stretch. All the time. After a nap or after they sleep, after lunch, and every time they get up.

Have you noticed that?
Every trainer today would tell you that stretching is equally important as exercising.

Stretching has major health benefits … and hopefully I’ll be able to inspire you to start doing it EVERY day after I explain why.

We all know that stretching will increase your range of motion, which will (obviously) make you more flexible.

However, it also helps improve circulation and blood flow, which will move the “good stuff” into your cells and muscles faster… and get the “bad stuff” out faster. Basically it gets nutrients in and wastes out more efficiently.

Because so much time is spent in front of our computers or on our devices, many of us have tight chest muscles which pull the shoulders and head forward; leaving us with that creepy hunched shoulder posture.

Stretching can lengthen those tight muscles that pull areas of our body away from their natural and intended positions, reducing neck and back pain.

It can also help decrease the risk for injury, because when you stretch regularly, your muscles are more optimally primed for activity.

Daily use of muscles causes them to tighten (usually on one side). This is especially true if you’re constantly carrying something like a purse, briefcase or backpack.

Stretching can relieve that muscle tightness and help restore balance in your body.

Stretching is also great for your MIND.

It can calm your mind by providing a mental break, which gives your body time to recharge. It only takes a couple minutes.

Also, if you’ve ever been to one of our Core & more classes, you probably know that stretching is often used for releasing tension (both physical and emotional).

So, this week, let’s focus on STRETCHING! Are you up for stretching out at least once every day this week?

We believe you can.

Reply to this email so we know you read it and are up for the challenge.

Your body will thank you. 🙂

Best Regards,

EMAIL 15: Congratulations, you made it!

Good Morning $[FNAME|Customer|Guest]$!

You made it!

Do you realize it has officially been 12 weeks since you’ve begun your journey with Fitness Revelation?!

SO AMAZING!!! We’re incredibly proud of you and your commitment and dedication to your workouts and to living a healthier lifestyle.

We truly love having you as a part of our fitness family and can’t imagine it without you!

Over the past few months, you’ve learned about food journaling, water, carbs, protein, fat, sleep, life-balance, mindset, supplements, smoothies, stretching and more!

You’ve got some great tools and knowledge in your tool belt to help you make better decisions for the rest of your life!

Now, the weekly emails will stop BUT you will continue to receive MONTHLY updates from us regarding what’s happening at the Studio.

On top of that, you have FULL ACCESS to our enormous database of articles, recipes, training videos and programs right here

Remember, your password is xxxxxx

At Fitrev you will never be alone, you will ALWAYS have support, and you can always ask us questions!

So, congrats again on completing your first 90 days with Fitrev and we look forward to a big future together at the Studio 🙂

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