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For 28 days, you will work on your diet, challenge your mindset and adjust your movement. This 28 day program will give you a taste of our larger programs aimed at helping to build healthier, long term habits to reach your health and wellness goals.




Reduce Inflammation and Pain!

Get Rid of the Bloat! Start shifting that weight

Improve your brain & heart health

Meet your Trainer

My name is Jude. I am owner and operator at Just Move It Health & Fitness. Like you, I know how hard it can be to juggle life’s many obligations, family and work commitments while trying to find a little room for yourself and your health. As a woman in my 50’s, over the years I have seen my share of injuries and challenges that have threatened to derail my motivation time and time again. That is why my health and wellbeing programs focus on providing you with sustainable and safe solutions that are right for you and your circumstances. Health is so multifaceted. To be healthy literally means to be whole and I am passionate about helping you to lead a full, happy and healthy life. Life isn’t just sunshine and rainbows, it comes with its ups and downs, that’s why it’s important to have a great support network so you can reignite your spark within.


We use a holistic approach in all our programs to help restore an individual's health and wellness. Our aim is to teach a lifestyle approach as opposed to an all or nothing approach.

The 28 Day Whole Body Reset is the introduction to our larger, long term programs. This will give you an insight into how you can eat well and interesting for your health, schedule your exercise and make habit based changes to reach your goals in a healthy, long term manner., while still enjoying life


Your Program

  • To help you stay on track, there will be a Weekly Q&A via Zoom
  • Daily accountability and motivation emails over the 28-days. Let us coach you to success!
  • 28 Days of recipes and tasks to help you make the necessary changes
  • Private FB Community Group
  • Measures, photos and body composition at beginning and end of program
  • Permanent access to your Reset in your client portal at the end of the four week Reset.

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